Century, a leading Motor Fleet Insurance Managing General Agent (MGA), recently had the pleasure of working with a dynamic courier company that operates a fleet of 24 3.5-ton vans. The courier company, specialising in same-day delivery, overnight transportation, nationwide logistics, and secure storage solutions, approached Century with an urgent need for comprehensive motor fleet insurance.

The courier company faced a critical situation; their existing motor fleet insurance policy was about to expire at midnight and their incumbent insurer was being difficult, leaving them with less than a day to secure a new policy. The fleet, equipped with telematics and dash cams, required a tailored insurance solution that took into account their specific operations and claims history. The broker approached Century looking for a reliable partner capable of responding swiftly while providing a cost-competitive solution.

A well-considered solution

Understanding the urgency of the situation, Century’s experienced underwriters immediately sprang into action. They meticulously reviewed the courier company’s claims history and assessed the risk associated with their operations. Given the short notice, the team worked tirelessly to ensure all necessary information was gathered and analysed promptly.

Century’s underwriters collaborated closely with the broker to tailor a policy that met the courier company’s needs. The comprehensive insurance package provided coverage for all 24 vans, ensuring that the telematics and dash cams were fully integrated into the policy to maximise safety and reduce risk. Despite the tight deadline, Century’s team successfully underwrote the policy within the same day, ensuring there was no lapse in coverage for the client.

The outcome was a resounding success. The courier company’s fleet was insured before the midnight deadline, allowing them to continue their operations without interruption. The broker and the policyholder were both extremely satisfied with the swift and efficient service – highlighting Century’s ability to deliver quick turnaround times for quotes and coverage but also demonstrated their commitment to client satisfaction and reliability.

Century’s dedication to understanding the unique needs of their clients and working collaboratively with brokers proved invaluable. The successful underwriting of this motor fleet insurance policy further solidified Century’s reputation as a dependable partner in the insurance industry, capable of delivering bespoke solutions under tight deadlines.

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