One of our experts are always available to answer any query or question. But the following are some frequently asked questions which you may find helpful in the meantime.

Century Underwriting is an independent Managing General Agency who specialise in underwriting Commercial Motor Fleet

Century Underwriting have several in-house Binding Authority agreements, but also work with preferred markets to make sure we provide our Brokers with the best option for the risk that has been submitted.

Century Underwriting has full delegated underwriting authority. Provided we have all the underwriting information required the quote will be issued within the timescales that you set. That can often, for urgent matters, be within hours.

No, we are not a ‘London market’. We have a large and growing regional network of brokers who deal direct with us. We do deal with selected wholesale brokers on selected business, but on the majority of the business that we underwrite we want to deal with the people who know and understand the client the best.

Our underwriters are all highly experienced so as a boutique underwriting unit we have the time, skills and knowledge to look at ‘difficult to place’ business. We have a wide underwriting appetite and products that are designed to help a client facing large premium increases at their renewal. We do not have a ‘computer says no’ approach to underwriting.

Century Underwriting have teamed up with WNS Assistance who are based close to our Chelmsford Operations office, to provide a first class claims service. After putting our Claims operation out to tender we spoke with our Brokers who provided WNS Assistance a glowing reference.

Yes, all FNOL reports are handled by our UK based service which is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year our team and therefore is always on hand to deliver outstanding customer service, offering simple incident notification and hassle free repairs and recovery.

The speed of document delivery is of the utmost importance to us. Policy documentation, certificates and mid-terms adjustments are administered by our in-house administration team who you can rely on.

We offer the client a basket of value added products aimed at providing fleet operators with a one stop shop for their insurance based needs. Our Fleet product REWARDS out clients for speedy claims notifications by reducing their excess by 50% if they notify a claim within 24 hours of the incident. The product also provides Legal Expenses as well as the core fleet insurance policy.

We are able to offer “Exclusivity” to our Brokers as we only deal with a Select Panel of Brokers, so if attacking or trying to retain a risk we can assist. As Century underwrite more than One line of business we are also able to offer “Packages”

At Century Underwriting we understand that we work in a highly competitive service industry. We look to provide our brokers with:

  • Access to ‘A rated’ capacity;
  • Excellent service levels in all aspects of providing Insurance services to clients;
  • Value added Products; and
  • Flexible Underwriting attitude

No, As we want to work with the broker closest to the insured we have made getting a TOBA as easy as possible.

Please feel free to contact our team for information on setting up an agency:

Ian White
01245 905104
07780 601580

We look forward to hearing from you.