Underwriting construction risks with complex claims history

Century, a specialist motor fleet insurance MGA, recently worked with a broker to provide cover for two independent construction businesses run by a father and son. The acting broker had a long-standing relationship with the clients, spanning over 30 years. However, the businesses had a complex claims history that required close scrutiny and consideration. Additionally, Century had to account for some of the drivers having motoring convictions.

Underwriting expertise wins risk

Despite the challenges, Century worked closely with the broker to develop a policy that perfectly suited the end clients’ requirements. The policy covered a fleet of 11 vehicles and another of 4 vehicles, all of which were heavy construction commercial vehicles ranging from 3.5 ton up to 32 ton.

The policyholders had been with several insurers over the last couple of years and were looking for a reliable partner that could provide comprehensive cover for a cost-competitive price. Century’s ability to work closely with the broker and develop a tailored policy that met the clients’ needs helped the broker retain the risk.

Through Century’s underwriting expertise and the broker’s long-standing relationship with the clients, the policy was successfully implemented, providing the necessary coverage for the businesses’ fleet of vehicles. A perfect example highlighting Century’s ability to underwrite complex risks, work closely with brokers, and provide tailored policies that meet clients’ precise needs.

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