Successfully Underwriting Complex Motor Fleet Insurance Risk

Century, a leading motor fleet insurance MGA, recently provided a comprehensive and competitive insurance solution for a civil engineering and drilling business that operates across the UK. With Century’s assistance, the broker was able to retain the risk and provide the policyholders with a cost-effective solution – highlighting Century’s dedication to delivering bespoke insurance solutions to clients with complex requirements and diverse vehicle fleets.

Flexible multi-company policy

The policyholders, a civil engineering and drilling business, had been with their incumbent insurer for over six years. They came to Century seeking a more cost-effective solution for their motor fleet insurance needs. Their requirements were complex as the policy needed to account for two distinct companies under a single insurer to allow for flexibility with drivers working across both entities.

The primary challenge of the risk underwriting process was the complexity of the policy, which needed to cover multiple vehicles and two companies with drivers crossing over onto each policy. The large fleet comprised 36 commercial vehicles and several private vehicles.

The policyholders also required coverage for numerous named young drivers, which would often result in an increase in policy premiums. Furthermore, given the targeted cost-competitiveness, Century had to strike a delicate balance between providing sufficient coverage and affordability.

Century’s success with underwriting this complex motor fleet insurance risk can be attributed to the collaborative approach adopted by the MGA. Working closely with the broker, Century undertook a thorough assessment of the policyholders’ requirements and tailored a policy to address their specific needs.

Moreover, Century assisted the broker in maintaining close communication with the policyholders, ensuring that any concerns or queries were promptly addressed. This collaborative and transparent approach played a pivotal role in securing the clients’ trust and ultimate satisfaction with their new motor fleet insurance policy.

Century’s underwriting expertise directly contributed to the successful retention of the risk by the broker, who maintained a long-standing relationship with the policyholders. By offering a cost-competitive and tailored policy, the MGA helped the broker maintain the clients’ loyalty, trust, and satisfaction.

Century is dedicated to providing the market with customised motor fleet insurance policies that accommodate complex requirements without compromising on coverage and affordability. The successful underwriting and retention of this complex risk are testament to Century’s commitment to pursuing excellence in the motor fleet insurance market.

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