Responsive underwriting secures new business for broker

With a willingness to always judge a risk on its merits and an aptitude to find the right solution, Century’s underwriters work hard with our broker partners to ensure their customers receive competitive quotes in the quickest of timeframes.

This drive to deliver a consistent, high quality underwriting service for motor fleet risks is why Century is approached time and again, to help our brokers secure new risks.

Comprehensive cover for a competitive premium

With a long-established relationship, one of our brokers recently sought assistance in securing a small fleet risk that was looking to improve its premium after a turbulent recent claims history, including a theft of a vehicle, that had led to a significant premium increase from their incumbent insurer.

Not ones to be off-put by the complexity of a business and its insurance history, Century’s underwriters worked closely with the broker to develop a policy that would satisfy the customer’s price requirements whilst providing comprehensive cover. Both the broker and the insured, a specialist Charity collection and delivery business, were particularly happy by the speed of Century’s response – ensuring the policy was underwritten in less than 24hrs from first presentation.

With experience of underwriting policies for a large range of industries and professions, from small to large fleets, Century’s Motor Fleet Insurance delivers trusted cover and our exclusive 50% excess reduction clause as standard.

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