Quick response to support broker’s last-minute risk

Century’s underwriters and specialist motor fleet team constantly strive to support our broker agencies. We genuinely understand the needs of our brokers and will always support those requirements by providing competitive quotes in the quickest timeframes. So, when approached by a valued agency partner to quote on a new Motor Fleet risk which required cover within the day, we were more than happy to help.

With the last-minute risk, the broker had only just received the instruction and required immediate assistance in finding suitable cover. However, having worked with Century for a long time, the broker knew exactly who to turn to.

Presentation to cover within 3 hours

From presentation to cover within 3hrs, Century’s underwriters worked with the broker to quickly deliver a competitive quote for the 6 vehicle Concrete supplier. With the policy including a 21 year old driver, the customer was satisfied on both price and terms, making the decision to accept the quote simple and Century bound the business and provided documentation immediately.

With experience of underwriting policies for a large range of industries and professions, from small to large fleets, Century’s Motor Fleet Insurance delivers trusted policies including, as standard, our exclusive 50% excess reduction clause, providing policy holders the ability to reduce their policy excess provided any claims incident is received within 24 hours.

To find out how Century can help you win and retain more business, get in touch today. Contact Ian White – 01245 905 104 / ian@centuryuw.co.uk