Flexible underwriting approach secures renewal

Having specialised in motor fleet insurance since our formation, the team at Century intrinsically understand the complexities of the trade and what it takes to secure risks for our broker partners.

Committed to working closely with both our broker agencies and end customers, our teamwork tirelessly to ensure every policy meets the stringent requirements of all parties. Our specialist underwriters utilise their many years of experience to provide thoughtful, practical and cost-effective solutions often when the majority of providers may opt not to.

Adept at structuring the right solution

Amidst the disruption of the pandemic, our underwriters have continued to provide the high-level of service that Century has become renowned for, as displayed in a recent haulage risk. The Worcestershire based business had purchased their initial fleet policy from Century shortly before the outbreak of COVID-19. However, when the time came to renew, and whilst the UK was still very much in the throws of the first wave of the pandemic, it was identified that the business had suffered 2 serious Non-Fault incidents which were still in the resolution process and had to be considered.

Working actively with both the broker and the business to find the right solution, even with the new challenging circumstances, our underwriters flexed their authority and structured a policy allowing for a future rebate if the claims ended favourably. Perfectly showcasing Century’s ‘can do’ attitude and underwriter led approach to considering risks, that adds real value for brokers, and ensures we are always looking at ways to underwrite risk, not decline it.

Happily, the claims were resolved in the business’ favour, so when the policy was up for renewal for the second time in 2021, the renewal process was smooth as all parties were particularly pleased with Century’s flexibility and approach to assisting the Insured at a difficult time.

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