Century underwrite linked Courier companies with different inception dates

Large West Midlands courier company looks to Century for competitive Motor Fleet policy after securing cover for sister organisation.

The busy logistics organisation, with a growing customer base and an expanding footprint in the delivery market throughout the Midlands, required specialist Motor Fleet insurance to cover their expanding fleet of vehicles. With over one million parcels handled & delivered each year, the business boasts a large fleet of over 75 vehicles in total across the 2 companies.

Sector expertise

With extensive experience in the haulage, logistics and delivery sector, Century have become well known for their competitive, comprehensive and trusted Motor Fleet insurance to the trade. Century were first approached by one of our specialist broker agencies in January, seeking cover for the first of the logistics company’s fleets – comprising of 52 vehicles based at their large main depot in Staffordshire.

By working with the broker and end client, Century developed a competitive policy that met the precise needs of the organisation, both on premium and terms. After the successful delivery of the first policy, both the broker and end client knew exactly who to approach for their 2nd fleet of vehicles when their insurance came up for renewal. Underwriting a further 25 vehicles on a separate policy for the linked organisations, ensured the business was fully protected, benefiting from Century’s A-Rated capacity provision along with our 50% reduction in damage excess clause.

To find out more about our comprehensive Motor Fleet insurance offering or to get a quote for a diverse range of trades & professions, please contact Ian White – 01245 905 104 / ian@centuryuw.co.uk – who will be happy to help.