Century help retain food wholesale risk

Our underwriters thrive on helping brokers secure client risks. Nevermore so, than when a broker partner needs our assistance in retaining a risk. With a team of motor specialists, we understand the requirements of UK motor fleets and are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the business is won.

When presented with a risk that required attention to ensure it was retained by the broker, our underwriters got to work. Working closely to establish the parameters of the risk, it became clear that the business had a number of changeable elements that needed consideration. From temporary and recently acquired vehicles to overseas and recently licenced drivers, Century’s underwriters ensured the client would receive appropriate cover for a competitive price.

The right policy at the right price

Stimulated by a huge 20% premium increase by the incumbent insurer, it was understandable that both the client and broker were looking for a more competitive policy. From the outset, our underwriters were confident in delivering the right policy at the right price.

Century’s 24-vehicle policy, which included a wide range of vehicles from private cars to 44-ton commercial vehicles, as well as out-of-warranty named drivers, was welcomed by the client, even with a last-minute scramble by the incumbent who slashed their price in an attempt to retain the risk.

The broker, who had only recently set up an agency with Century, was extremely satisfied with the win after it adds to their steadily increasing portfolio of risks with Century.

If you require assistance in winning or retaining a motor fleet risk, speak with the experts today. Contact Ian White – 01245 905 104 / ian@centuryuw.co.uk