Century help Broker retain distressed Waste Risk Motor Fleet Policy

With a dedication to support our broker agencies in all circumstances, Century’s specialist underwriters have underwritten a Motor Fleet insurance renewal policy for a waste company with a chequered claims history, ensuring the client retains the business.

With the risk in need of some serious “Underwriting” due to the distressed nature of the business’s claims history, including very high frequency of claims and associated costs, alongside the high-risk nature of the trade, many underwriters had declined to quote. However, the incumbent broker was under pressure from the policyholder to improve on their existing policy with the threat of an attacking competitor broker vying for the business.

Not one to refuse to quote purely on the initial merits of the risk, Century worked hard with the broker, to fully understand the risk and develop a bespoke policy that would suit their specific requirements, all the while ensuring a competitive premium for the policyholder to ensure the business is retained.

As long-standing experts in the Motor Fleet insurance market, Century capitalised on our industry experience and partnerships to leverage in-vehicle camera technology for the fleet, thus reducing premiums by mitigating fraudulent claims potential and ensuring driver behaviour is closely monitored.

A great example of Century’s approach, highlighting the benefits of working with an insurance company that goes that extra mile to help our brokers win and retain business.

To discuss Century’s Motor Fleet offering or to get a quote, please contact Ian White – 01245 905 104 / ian@centuryuw.co.uk